The CTSA have funded two research projects which are being led by triads of member schools. This is as a result of a process carried out in the summer term 2019 when Alliance schools were given the opportunity to bid for funding to carry out focused research and development projects on behalf of partner schools.

Both projects are focused on developing emotional well being and positive mental health. 

As part of one project, children are bring trained as Health Champions, developing their understanding of Healthy Movement, Healthy Mindset, Healthy Eating and Healthy Habits with the intention that they will be active in supporting their peers. For more information on health champions, visit

A mental health questionnaire has been circulated to KS2 children as part of the second project to  collate information  on pupil’s current perceptions. Following collation of the data, certain approaches and strategies are being trialled such as mindfulness, yoga, the use of music at key transition points of each day, drama/role play and the use of an emotional health practitioner to support both staff and students to develop self awareness, resilience and  assertiveness. A follow up questionnaire will be completed to assess the impact these strategies have made. 

The outcomes of this research will be made available to all member schools later this year, to support the development of evidence-informed practice and innovation. Watch the latest news for more information.