Support for Mantle of the Expert

CTSA has a group 6 Lead Practitioners and 10 accredited Practitioners who are able to offer support to schools wishing to develop this rich and engaging pedagogy. They all worked alongside Luke Abbott, renowned national and international MoE expert for a full year to achieve their accreditation which was based on their understanding of the approach and practical implementation in their own schools.

If you want more information about the support available, please contact Tracy Goodway via

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Mantle of the Expert re-frames the teacher and student in fictional roles in which the students are endowed as experts in a specific field. Students are more than passive receivers of knowledge, rather they are the ones constructing it.’

“Pupils were clearly engaged; the energy in the classroom felt entirely different……in addition to the excitement, the learning had clearly stuck”

“Mantle supports my goal of enthusing children in their work, in particular their writing”

“Be brave, take risks, reflect and then have another go. It’s worth it!”