It was a delight to sit in on the final session of this year’s Ready to Lead programme when the 12 participants each presented the outcomes of the Leadership Challenge they had identified at the start of the programme.

Through focus areas as diverse as Implementing RSHE in an infant school, developing an Art curriculum across a four school MAT and developing teacher confidence to teach music, the emerging leaders showed the impact of key strands that have been covered in the programme, including:

  • Implementing change effectively
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Anticipating and planning to overcome potential barriers to change
  • Knowing when to move from a coaching to a more directive style of leadership
  • Facilitative coaching
  • Evaluating impact effectively.

Each presentation evidenced significant progress both in moving forward the area of focus at a whole school level, and in the development of personal leadership skills.

This highly successful programme will run again from Autumn 2022. To find out more, and to book your place please contact Lisa Weatherhead on