In 2019, the DfE announced its intention to replace the current Teaching Schools system with a network of larger Teaching School Hubs. As well as enabling the regional coordination of current workforce recruitment and development offers, this will also ensure full geographical coverage, enabling access to support for schools in areas which currently do not include Teaching Schools. Following the launch of the ‘Test and Learn’ phase of 6 Hubs for 2019-20, the DfE has confirmed its intention to roll out the programme nationally from September 2021.

The Teaching School Hub programme will create a national network of 87 ‘centres of excellence’ for teacher training and development, replacing the previous network of around 750 teaching schools. Their remit is to play a significant role in coordinating regional provision for recruitment and retention, and workforce development (particularly at this stage the implementation of the Early Career Framework and the new NPQs for September 2021). They will be funded for 3 years (subject to confirmation) via an annual grant, subject to conditions, including demonstrating progress against key performance indicators. Each hub will have its own defined area and will serve all schools within it.

It has been confirmed that Chelmsford will join the Saffron Teaching School Hub which was one of the 6 Hubs set up in the Test and Learn phase. Alongside other existing TSAs in the region, CTSA will act as a strategic partner for the Chelmsford area within the Hub. This will open up collaborative, cross region opportunities whilst still allowing the Alliance to maintain independent local activity albeit under a different title. Over the coming months we will be working to develop revised operational processes for 2021-22. Meanwhile, we maintain ‘business as usual’ for the current year.